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Whispers in a

Gathering Storm



Extra Muros

Voyager tells it all:

The story of Grand Voyages through wild and wide spaces on earth. It may leave you breathless, perhaps exalted.



Rebadour wonders aloud:

Where did Spinoza and Darwin meet? To the heart of the mesmerizing matter.


 Inter Lineas 

Grimmburger observes:

A grim(m) view of the world around us, thus hoping to change it for the better.






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Voyager& Rebadour



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Grimmburger & Rebadour are "Brothers in One Soul": often at arms with each other, they are an odd couple. To widen their horizons and learn together, they decided to call upon the Voyager within them. Thus it happened, that this not so holy trinity, has gone off in search of truths, or just more opinions.