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asking questions, wondering about things around us, looking for pieces of answers, discovering parcels of world

Our world - Western Civilisation - is in turmoil and in transit: a cherished ship on an ocean undisclosed, battling storms that are ill understood. Its captain and its officers nowadays seem to hail from another planet, or from hell. "Media" has engulfed all decision-making, has chased away most rational thought, has reduced Life to nothing more than a stage, where differences between onlookers and actors are vanishing fast: en eerie reality show 

In this media-dominated world, truth has become a a needle in a haystack, and spin is the truth-killing weapon of choice. Objective messaging is hard to come by: all communication is encoded and self-serving, sheer volume as well as myred complexity make unraveling it a herculean challenge, at best. Where does all this leave our celebrated democratic system?

We believe that time has come for a movement to restore measures of truthfulness, and to re-establish basic values of honesty in talking with and within the world community. We realize our actions and words will be just whispers. Then again, we firmly believe that the flapping wings of a butterfly in Brittany can eventually create a storm over the Atlantic. Here we go flapping...  

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