Inter Lineas

Inter Lineas

Worlds in Turmoil,

Spinning and spun in all Directions

Western Civilisation is struggling for survival ...

It has been groping for an encore, a happy sequel to an era of prosperity. Darwin at work on human society??

Freedom of speech has served us well. Since the enormous progress in communication technology and the ensuing flood of all-kinds-of-communication (including this website), this freedom may no longer be the blessing that it once was, at least not in unmodified form.

Current day messaging is a prisoner of our modern times - politically correct, prudently non-committal, artfully commercial, emotically massaged and, generally, skillfully spun for ulterior purposes. Public communication has become utterly self serving and concentrated in the hands of what we now call the "media industry": a conglomerate of entertainment & gaming, political elite and news industry. Unfortunately this media constellation does not reflect society, not in spirit nor in nature, and it certainly doesn't seek to objectively serve that very society, notwithstanding its widely broadcast claims to the contrary.

Traditional democratic principles don't work well with modern media - be they Fox News, WikiLeaks, Bet&Win or Presidents-of-the-World. The more traditional democratic values are being invoked, the more sceptical Grimmburger becomes. Far removed from our cradle - the Athens City State - one rightfully wonders: how do we deal with various statements, rumours, spinned messages and promises? How do we protect the world from political correctness, from mediagenic perspectives, from masked advertorials and androcentric exuberance?

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