A Grand Voyage

Exploring Life, outside & inside,

in Front of a Mirror

In the Fall of Life ...

many start to search for different kinds of meaning than in its Summer: they ask more and other questions, they wonder aloud about essence(s) around them. They are looking for pieces of answers, and discover parcels of world.

When you turn 60 the last half of your life is in front of you, if you are lucky. One challenge is to figure out what to do with the part of life in front of you. For some that is straightforward: just continue to do what has been done before. For others it is not: they want to use other resources within themselves to generate new value to their own life, and to all those around them.

Because Voyager belongs to the second category, and because he has not spent lots of time in the first half to think about the second, he decided to take time off and explore his options, outside of his comfort zone. He has fallen for an exercise with easy transportation: a ship. On a ship one wouldn't have to worry about everyday things, on a ship one could choose to spend time exactly as one liked, under sail one would not have any excuse to fail.

The story of this voyage to Amazonas, Antarctica and Acongagua - A³, Voyager's observations and impressions are scripted in the A³ blog

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